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Event Safety Management

We are your responsible partner in ensuring that overall safety at the even is maintained so that as far as up, breaking down and attending the event are no exposed to risks to their health and safety

Physical Penetration Testing

While many businesses do an excellent job of protecting their network and applications against the threat of a virtual cyber attack, many organizations don't consider the risk associated with a possible physical attack on their locations. Physical threats that could be simulated include bypassing door locks, stealing devices, or using social engineering to convince an employee to let them inside a server room.

Fire Risk assessments

A fire is assessment is a review undertaken of a building or venue in order to assess its fire risk and offer recommendations to make the building or venue safer, if necessary.

Incident Management

The first goal of incident management is to restore a normal operation as quickly as possible and to minimize the impact on business/event operations, thus ensuring that the best possible levels of services- quality and availability ae maintained.

Queue Management

Our Social Distancing Queue Management Solution has been developed in response to COVID-19 and the social distance measures tat have had to been taken by the government. Whilst developed with the struggles the event industry are facing mind, this solution can be applied to anywhere here may be need for queues under emergency or social distancing conditions.

Crowd Management Advisor

Crowd management advisors provide a service to effectively plan for and manage crowds in normal and emergency conditions.

Event Dispatch and Control Room Representation

Event dispatching is the key to a well coordinated event. We provide professional personal trained in communication and logging. We can also provide a working relationship with other services, present in the control room.

On-site Safety Management

Onsite Safety can be your on-site safety management to manage the day-to-day safety solutions for your construction project and make sure your job site or workplace is up to code and exceeding government reulations.

Local Authority Liaison

The local liaison will monitor local government laws and regulations, and will provide a way of communications with civil services.

Crowd Profiling

The ability to understand crowd behaviours should be considered as one of the most important tools available when planning for crowds, the measures used to reduce the likelihood of an incident and how best to control the crowd.

Pre-event Safety Checks

Event organizers should indentify, assess and control any additional hazards/risks for each event, and document this information.

Evacuation Procedures

Evacuation procedures are tailor made for your company or event. This is done to ensure proper, safe and fast evacuation in case of an emergency.

Covid Coaching

Onsite management and coaching of any time event. Upholding all regulations concerning Covid-19. Providing helpdesks for CST (covid safe ticket).


Who We Are

With a combined 15 years experience in industrial work, department of defence, healthcare, and event planning and management, Umbrella Corp Consulting forms the perfect partner for all your health and safety needs. Umbrella Corp Consulting offers professional and experienced consultants, with a wealth of expertise to provide cost effective practical solutions, carried out throughout Belgium, Europe and overseas.


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